Yoga Explained

What is Satyananda Yoga?

Satyananda Yoga is a system of yoga that aims to bring together all areas of the body. It is often referred to as the Yoga of the Head, Heart and Hands. The head represents intellect, the heart represents compassion and the hands represent action.

It is traditional but has been adapted to suit the modern lifestyle & can be tailored to suit a person’s individual needs.  Its systematic approach aims to bring together all aspects of being. This type of yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their background, as it does not propose any political or religious beliefs.


What Does It Do?

This style of Yoga incorporates awareness of all the aspects of being – physical, emotional, and spiritual – in order to create true alignment. As well as awareness, disease and mental stress can be relieved through the development of the body’s self-healing powers. Yoga stabilises emotions and calms the mind in order to bring perspective to a person, in turn giving them peace, freedom & inner stability.

Asanas or postures are used to balance the body and mind, pranayama or breathing to work on the energy/mental body, and meditation/relaxation to calm and focus the mind. It is gentle and achievable and there is no sense of competition… you simply go at the pace that is right for you.